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From The Owner:-

Welcome to Bangkok Best Massage

We are delighted to have been selected to take care of your health and well being. Our intention is to give the gift of health by offering the highest quality massage therapy in the comfort of your Home, Hotel Room or Office.

Relax with Best Massage in Bangkok
Take a moment to relax. Make yourself comfortable and gently slow your breathing. Imagine being slowly submerged in warm water that soothes your muscles. Feel the pleasure of lightness as the tension leaves your body and your mind begins to release your worries and anxieties. Bathe in the sense of well being that washes over you with each long, deep breath.
Now that you're relaxed, consider this: If we can make you relax WITH just a few words, imagine how great you're going to feel after a massage with one of our therapists.
Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage Therapy Benefits from receiving a massage are so numerous that it surprises me that more people do not get massages today. Considering the busy schedules and hectic lifestyles that most people entwine into their everyday life, no wonder demand for massage therapy is on the rise. Here are many benefits and reasons to get a massage on a regular basis�..

Improves Circulation
Reduces Inflammation
Relieves Stress and Tension
Allows for Greater Flexibility of the Body
Improves Body Energy Levels
Decreases and Removes Pain
Helps Reduce Depression and Anxiety
Relief to Spasms and Muscle Cramps
Improves Oxygen and Nutrient Flow
Strengthens Immune System
Aids in Digestion
Removes Body Toxins
Lowers Blood Pressure
Speeds up Healing of Body Injury
Reduces Headaches
Heightens Self Esteem
Tones Muscles
Provides sense of Calmness and Wellbeing
Massage could very well be viewed as a miracle medicine. When compared to cost of prescriptions today, the cost of massage therapy is actually a bargain.

Thai massage can be particularly helpful in relieving:
Headaches, migraines, arthritis, whiplash pain, paralysis, numbness, sciatica, back pain and other conditions.

Our Massage Services

We can visit you at your home, workplace, hotel room, or event
One of our expert massage therapists can visit you at your home, workplace, hotel room or event. That's right, we're offering a mobile massage therapy service so that you can experience the pleasures of massage at times and places that suit you.

Hot Stone
A technique involving the use of heated stones soaked in green tea. The warm stones and green tea relaxes the muscles, increases stimulation which further aids in the healing process and mental relaxation.

Orient Express
Enjoy Revive the senses with a soothing and energetic massage concentrating on the over stressed upper back, shoulders and neck.

Swedish Retreat
This classic body massage promotes gentle relaxation through long, gliding strokes and the kneading of overworked muscles.

Deep Tissue
A sophisticated massage technique using stronger pressure into the muscle to release chronic tension and overuse. This ritual is idea for the overstressed individuals or after a vigorous exercise session.

Thai massage, foot massage, body massage, facial massage and treatment and any massage as your request ...

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Please feel free to cantact to our English spoken operaor 24 hrs by phone or E-mail :
E-mail : info@bangkokbestmassage.com
Phone numbers : 02-64 24 304 , 084-91829 14 , 089-777 38 24 , 087-812 7773
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