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Spas & Traditional Massage in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city full of spas and massage parlors ranging in size, style, price and quality. From first class spas and resorts, to store front parlors in malls and lining'the streets, visitors are spoilt for choice when looking for'somewhere to relax, unwind and let a professional work out the stress and tension from your body.

There are so many different spas and massage parlors in Bangkok that some people may find it a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing where to go. But with a little'research and few recommendations, you'll no doubt stumble across'the perfect place for you, not matter what you're looking for.

Spas in Bangkok

High-end spas are often found in the 4-5 star hotels, and these are undoubtedly some of the very best in Bangkok. However there are still many establishments in other locations that offer the same high quality of service that you'd expect from a first class hotel spa.

As a general rule of thumb many of the most prestigious and popular spas are situated in the more upmarket areas of the city and tourist hotspots. However as with most rules'there are exceptions, and it's possible to find great establishments located all over the city.

Many fantastic spas are located within'the residential soi's off the main roads downtown. Since rent is cheaper in these tucked away areas, spas and massage parlors here'typically offer better value for money. These places are often frequented by locals and expats, and make for a charming experience if you can find them.

Malls are another place where you're guaranteed to find a number of spas catering to different tastes. Most large malls have a choice of high-end or more budget friendly establishments each offering their own touch of hospitality to the experience.

Spas in Bangkok offer many different'services including massages, beauty treatments, physiotherapy, and'traditional healing such as acupuncture and reflexology. Some spas also have hot and cold pools, Jacuzzis and other leisure facilities for guests.

Along with complementary hot drinks always provided, many high-end spas also offer other food and drinks;'some even have fully fledged restaurants or shops where visitors can buy healthy and organic food.

With so much choice you'll be sure to find a spa that delivers an experience beyond you wildest dreams, for unbelievably affordable prices, no matter where in the city you're'staying.  

Traditional Thai Massage

The art of Thai massage is thought to have been created over 2,500 years ago by Buddha's personal physician Shivago Komarpaj. Drawing influences from similar'techniques used by Chinese, Indian and South East Asian traditional healers, Thai massage incorporates heavy static and rhythmical pressure with yoga like positions and stretching to loosen the muscle, increase blood circulation and relieve stress in the body.

The practice concentrates on manipulating the body's meridian lines and improving the body's Chi, or energy. The Thais refer to this as 'sen’, meaning vessels, and ‘lom’, meaning air. While there are some'similarities to the Chinese meridian theory, the movements of Thai massages are more akin to the Indian nadir traditions of yoga and Ayurveda.

Thai massage has become extremely popular worldwide, but nowhere is better to experience the stress'relieving healing technique than in its country of origin.

Known as Nuad Pen Thai, or simply Naud Thai, the practice widely spread throughout the country and is officially one of the branches of Thai Traditional Medicine, which is'regulated by the government. For this reason there are many'traditional Thai massage schools offering courses in the practice.

A typical session lasts between 1-2 hours and covers all areas of the body from head to toe. Customers will be asked to change into light cotton clothing, which makes it easy for the masseur to do their work, and parts of the body may be washed down with a warm towel soaked in essential oils.

It's no secret that Thai massages can be rather uncomfortable, if not slightly painful. However, all masseurs know that visitors to the country might not be accustomed to'the feeling, and all will ask if you'd like them to apply less pressure when massaging and stretching the muscles.

Since Thai massages can be a little uncomfortable, in order to get the best out of your session it's important to choose a reputable establishment that has fully qualified masseurs. That way you can be sure that even the parts that might feel a little too much, are still doing good to your body. 

Other Massages Available in Bangkok

With Thai massages and spa sessions being so popular with both tourists and Thai's, it's not surprising that many places also offer massages using techniques popular elsewhere in the world.

While these services are typically reserved for the more upmarket spas, it's possible to find places that offer sessions that are extremely affordable, and delightfully relaxing.

Popular massages usually offered by high-end spas include Swedish massage, Japanese Shiatsu massage, prenatal massage. Many places also offer other healing session sessions such as compressed heat stones treatment, aromatherapy, reflexology and acupuncture.

The majority of massage parlors and spa's offer 30min to 1-hour head and/or foot massages, and some specialize in beauty treatments such as manicures and pedicures. Another popular trend is the fish pedicure, where customers sink their feet into tanks of 'doctor fish’ that then nibble away at the layers of dead skin on the feet and legs leaving the new layers untouched. The practice leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft, and is quite a pleasant experience that can be enjoyed at a fraction of the cost charged in the west.

Spa's in Bangkok


Pai Spa - Rambuttri Road

Pai spa can be found within the last kahabadee and baan rambuttri traditional thai houses. these 140 year old buildings offer a gorgeous setting for pai spa’s multi-sensory experience. enter and enjoy delightful sensations that will pamper your mind and body. it&r


The Oasis Spa Bangkok - Soi 31

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Lemongrass - Soi 22

Lemongrass bangkok offers excellent physical and mental health treatments. here you will find a treasure trove of cultural favorites, like thai massage. with a history that dates back over 2,000 years, thai massage has long been celebrated by those who have experienced


Health Land Spa & Massage - Soi 63

Health land spa and massage offers a relaxation opportunity for health-minded people. the facility was established on the idea of producing a health centre that was also a supermarket that would sell healthy, organic foods with an herbal garden, vegetarian restaurant, l


Chaba Massage - Victory Monument

Chaba massage invites you to stop in at their central bangkok facility! here, clients are given a warm welcome and many therapy options. choose classic thai massage that’s administered by qualified professionals. the setting is peaceful and beautiful so you feel r


WaterNest Spa

Tucked away on a soi in sukhumvit 39 is a true spa setting where you embrace the soothing hands of our trained male therapists in 13 massage suites or nesting sites. explore a plethora of services including signature massages & revitalizing scrubs – all set in


Sook Sabai Health Massage

Sook sabai health massage being one of the biggest and hotel managed style spa in the saladaeng area, with more than 7000 square feet, we are a 2 storey complex with a big terrace. - big check-in lobby lounge, designed as a french vietnamese house living room, - 5 f


Baan Sabai Massage

We, baan sabai massage, are the most clean and cheap massage shop in bangkok, thailand. we have many year experienced and best skilled therapists, they always make you feel so good you never had before. goodbye, pain! baan sabai help you say yourself "goodbye, pai


Lek Massage House

Lek massage house offers exquisite foot massage that features traditional methods. accessible from the heart of the city of bangkok, this is one opportunity you don’t want to miss! the soothing atmosphere and pampering treatments show heavy influences from the her


Sumalai Thai Massage

Sumalai thai massage presents a list of exciting therapies that will help you unwind. find individual therapies and package deals to get more out of each session. the therapists at sumalai thai massage offer ayurveda massage which focuses on pressure points and circulat


Leela Thai Herbal Massage

Leela thai herbal massage offers fulfilling treatments that will promote better health and happiness. many massage therapies are offered, and all are provided with inviting atmosphere and friendly service. come for many popular therapies, including dead sea treatments,


Pimmalai Spa - BTS On Nut

Pimmalai spa offers traditional thai massage in a gorgeous teak and red brick lanna style building. you’ll enjoy gorgeous views of tropical gardens that feature bird cages, pottery and woven bamboo. clients can choose from a long list of amazing services that in


The Riva Spa - Charoen Krung Road

The riva spa is a luxurious place of peace and harmony. situated along the flowing chao phraya river, the riva spa offers an attractive escape. stop in after a long day of travel, shopping, working or whatever you prefer to do. inside, customers are given the option of


Project Zen - MRT Thailand Cultural

Project zen is dedicated to creating a sanctuary where guest can escape the stress and hassle of everyday life. found right in the spa capital of the world, project zen maintains high standards by offering quality treatments at reasonable prices. clients are treated to


Crystal Spa

Crystal spa will help you unwind in a beautiful place designed for pampering. let stress melt away as you relax with any of crystal spa’s many enticing treatments. traditional massage technique are applied to provide pressure right where your body needs it, along