Pattaya Information

Where to stay

Pattaya is divided into three main areas, Pattaya Nua (North), Pattaya Klang (Middle) and Pattaya Dai (South). Stretching further south of these areas is Pra Tamnak Hill (Buddha Hill), the small quite bay of Dongtan Beach and the more family orientated Jomtien Beach.

Beach road, Walking Street and the Buddha hill lines the shores of the beach, from where the city begins'to sprawl inland through a network of small roads, Soi's in Thai,'that bisect Pattaya Sai Song, and Sukhumvit Road.

Within these Soi's further from the beach there are a number of extremely cheap accommodations available'to rent nightly, weekly or monthly. There are also high-end establishments scattered along the sea front and throughout all areas of the city.

Those who chose to stay in Pattaya for an extended period of time will find a wide variety of serviced apartments, long-stay condos, guesthouses and cheap apartments. As a general rule, most accommodation, the further away from the beach you chose to stay, the more you'll get for money.  

Pattaya Hotels

Known for being one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, hotels and resorts in Pattaya cater to all travelers, on any kind of budget.

Boasting many luxurious hotels and'serviced apartments, visitors looking to go all out during their stay will find excellent value for money in most upmarket establishments.

Popular 4-5 star accommodations such as Hard Rock Hotel, Marriot, Dusit Thani, Centera and the Royal Cliff Beach hotel line the beach roads, and the cliff'sides of Pra Tamnak Hill. Numerous boutique hotels and serviced apartments can also be found along the Pattaya Nua coast and'throughout the city.

Those travelling on a budget will find├ęcheap guesthouses, garden resorts and hostels further inland, and'since the baht buses, songteaw in Thai, run all regularly all over Pattaya (during the day), it's possible to get anywhere for around 20-40 baht.  

Things to do

While known primarily for its nightlife, Pattaya has a plethora of activities to keep tourists entertained during the day and evening.

One of the most popular things to do anywhere in Thailand is to have a Thai massage. Known to help relieve'stress and reduce muscle and joint pain, experiencing a Thai massage is a must-do when visiting the country.

More energetic travellers will find a wide range of sports and activities to enjoy. From water sports including jet skiing, wind surfing, banana boating, paragliding,'diving trips, boat and yacht tours, to go-karting, football, tennis and golf to name a few, those seeking a little action in the form of exercise will be spoilt for choice. There are also some fantastic gyms, fitness centers and spas, as well as some of the best Muay Training and fight nights in the country.

Pattaya is also well known for it's world-class golf courses, and excellent fishing parks and lakes. All located on the outskirts of the city surrounded by plush green landscapes and clam fresh water lakes, these places make for a great'relaxing day trip out, even if you're not an avid golfer or fisherman.

Those looking to experience a little Thai culture can enjoy peaceful trips out at Wat Yanasangwararam Woramahawihan Temple, The Sanctuary of Truth, Sri-Ratcha Tiger Zoo, Pattaya Elephant Village, and Khao Chican (home to the largest Buddha etching on the side of the cliffs), or enjoy an evening at the Night Zoo, Theater, or one of the many Cabaret Shows including the world famous Tiffany's Lady Boy Show. Visitors interesting in learning'during their stay will find number of Thai language schools, yoga and├ęcooking courses and diving centers.

With so much on offer, its not'surprising that Pattaya is such a popular tourist destination for'travellers seeking out sun, sea and excitement.

Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya is a place well known for its nightlife. Boasting some of the most brow-raising go-go bars and'dancing girl shows, there are still hundreds of places to enjoy a night out without having to experience the madness of the city's infamous red-light district.

Aside from the numerous bars with girls, Pattaya is home to many themed pubs and bars. With such a high volume of tourists from all over the world you'll find sports bars, English, Irish and German pubs, pool bars, high-end clubs and bars playing live music, all of which cater specifically to tourists.

More upmarket restaurants and bars can be found in the hotels, and along beach road. While those wanting to'see the somewhat shocking side of Pattaya's nightlife can find endless bars and clubs along Walking Street, Soi 6, and the inner city nighttime spots around Soi Diana and Soi Buwakhao. These inland areas are also home to cheap accommodations and numerous cheap bars and restaurants.

While a large number of establishments on Walking Street might not be suitable for everyone, there are many others bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops that are well worth a visit. And since most of the X-rated action is kept behind closed'doors, it's actually an interesting and vibrant place to spend a night out.

Nightlife in Pattaya doesn't all have'to be about partying. There are a number of lively restaurants with bars and live music, as well theater and cabaret shows. Another popular evening activity is to eat the fresh seafood served at one of'the many floating restaurants moored in the bay off Pattaya beach.  


Restaurants in Pattaya served all types of cuisine at extremely competitive prices. The abundance of choice when it comes to food makes the seaside town of the very best places'to eat in the country no matter what kind of taste you're craving.

Visitors will find all types of eateries including, Italian, French, Greek, German, Spanish, Swedish, British and Irish restaurants. There are also a number of American, Tex Mex/Mexican places, as well a host of establishments serving Russian, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine.

As with most places in Thailand you'll also find great Asian restaurants from Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese, to Chinese and of course Thai and Isaan food.

In short, there's almost every type of food imaginable available in Pattaya, which is just one more'reason why this once small fishing town along the Eastern seaboard is now one of the most thriving tourist destinations in the world.