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Pattaya Car 4 Rent Co, Ltd

Welcome to pattaya car 4 rent no1 rent a car & big bike rental in pattaya, in which high quality and excellent service are our priority. if you would like to rent something different , a luxury model, fully equipped but pay a basic rate, you are in right place. come an


Smart Rent a Car

Smart rent a car is a growing company that provides long and short term car and bust rentals in pattaya. the staff are ready to work with all clients, from individuals to corporations. all clients are given great rates, dependable service and the best quality from smart


Pattaya Rent a Car

Pattaya rent a car is the area’s most trusted vehicle rental company. contact rent a car to get great service on dependable vehicles that are safe and ready to use. customers can choose from pickup trucks, mini buses and much more! every vehicle is less than two y


Pattaya Car 4 Rent

After 17 years of experience we know that the most important is you and your entire satisfaction. we are a dedicated and professional car renting company in which high quality and excellent service are our priority. in pattaya car 4 rent everything is transparent an


Budget Car Rental - Pattaya Beach Road

Moo 10, Beach Road, Tip Plaza, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


MAKS Car Rent

Reliable and friendly car's rental service popular in europe and thailand small, middle sized cars, suv, pick up trucks and minibuses cars covered 1 class insurance for commercial vehicles car hire start 6.000 thb/week - 17.000 thb/month free gps navigation, fre


National - Tipp Plaza

For more than eight years, national car rental provides vehicle hire services in pattaya. our car rental services are reliable. national car rental pattaya has the right car for every type of traveller.


DV Rent A Car Co

Dv rent a car company offers high quality vehicles that are fully insured to protect clients.


Bizcar Rental - Jomtien

Bizcar rental has over 15 years of expertise in car hire, distribution, and automotive services. nationwide, bizcar rental has rented more than 4,000 cars to individual, corporate customers, as well as government departments.


Scandinavian Expat Service - Jomtien

315/431 Moo 12, Thappraya Road, Jomtien, Bang Lamung, Jomtien, Pattaya, 20150


Escape Rentals - soi diana

British managed and owned escape rentals was founded in 1998. today, we operate is a fleet of more than 200 cars. it is our reliable name and excellent customer service that has got escape rentals to where they are today.


Smile Rent A Car/Taxi

353/53 Room 11. M9 T.Nongprue A., Bang Lamung, Pattaya, 20150


Ann Taxi Pattaya

67/38 Moo 10, Pattaya Tai (South Road), Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


Chalee Car Rent

3rd Road, Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


Motorbike Station - Soi Buakhao

Moo 10 Soi Buakhao, Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150

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Pattaya Car Rental and Leasing

Pattaya city is great place for sun, sand, sea and nightlife, and its busy crammed streets and public transport make it relatively easy to get around. That said, having the comfort of your own vehicle is a great advantage for those wanting to travel in the privacy of their own care, it's also fantastic way to get out on the open road to see the numerous interesting activities and sights surrounding that surround the popular tourist destination. 

There are a number of excellent car rental services in Pattaya. The lager companies will allow you to rent cars and drop them off in other cites around the country, whereas smaller outlets will require to bring the car back to the same place. Rentals are also available directly from the airport for those who wish to bypass Bangkok City altogether. 

From small townhouse shop fronts to large cars showrooms, you'll find car rental companies all over the city. Note that renting a vehicle at extremely low prices often comes with risks and therefore it's not always best to go with the cheapest option as safety when driving should be first priority for anyone. 

Amongst the different car rental companies in Pattaya you'll be able to find all types of cars, from small city cars and minivans, to 4x4's and even sports cars. Prices do vary depending on the establishment, and of course the vehicle you choose to rent. With so much variety when it comes to renting a car in Pattaya, finding a suitable automobile for your family trip, stag doo (designated driver included!) or corporate business trip is as easy as checking out a few places, and deciding what suits you best. 

Rentals are usually done by the day, week, or month, however most places offer great deals on longer-term leases. For expats and extended holidaymakers, having your own transport really makes the nearby attractions, countryside and other parts of the country easily accessible. As mentioned, drivers can be provides at an extra cost should you wish to take a break from the wheel but still travel on your own time. 

The most reputable places for car rentals are usually the lager brands you'll find around the central Pattaya area. These well established companies not only provide insurance, they take great pride in looking after their fleet and would never dream of renting out vehicles without given them the thorough check over and servicing required. You'll be expect to show an international or Thai drivers license at these places and possibly asked to pay a deposit - depending on what deal you manage to strike up with them.

Some places will provide you with a checklist of things to go over with them in order to make sure everything is fully function and safe before you drive off the forecourt. But make sure you double check the tires, breaks, lights and mirrors yourself before driving out into the traffic.  

Other places will be more lenient when renting out cars and other vehicles. Some may request nothing more than your passport with a valid Thai visa. But be warned, the less the company seems to care about the renting out of their cars the more likely the vehicles are to be in bad condition, and the more likely you'll have to shell out an obscene amount of money should anything go wrong. 

Perhaps the most important thing to note when renting a car in Thailand is insurance. Always make sure the company you rent from provides this for you because as many people who have driven on Thai roads before will know, if an accident occurs the first presumption is that it the foreigner is at fault and due to the language barrier, it's often difficult to explain your position. So make sure you have all the correct documents to say you are licensed and insured to drive, and be careful on the roads!

All car rental companies will provide you with a contact number to call should anything go wrong, some even have a 24 hour breakdown line. Bear in that mind that it's usually best to go with a places has excellent English speaking staff, since breaking down out in the countryside might be stressful if you have no one to understand when you try to call for help. 

Another thing to mention is that Thai drivers love beeping their horn. Back in the west this may be seen as a sign of aggression, but here it's employed more as a gentle sign that someone is coming up behind you, overtaking, or planning to pull out. So take note that most drivers aren't being rude when using their horn, its just the way of the road in the Thailand. 

Within just a few hours drive of Pattaya, visitors can enjoy the delightful nature reserves of Khao Kitchakut, Khao Mai Keao (and Khao Keaw Zoo), and the Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary.  Or partake in activates such as sky diving or wake boarding, A day trip to the Pattaya Elephant Village or the Sri-Ratcha Tiger Zoo are also another popular day out for tourists with their own transport. 

Those willing to travel a little further afield can take a pleasant drive down to Koh Chang, where a car ferry can transport you and your vehicle onto the island. Along the 5-6 hour journey from Pattaya to Trat (where the ferry piers to Koh Chang are located) you can stop off at the traditional Thai town of Chantaburi, or enjoy a night or two at the quite beach side town of Rayong. 

Best Car Rentals in Pattaya

With so much to bear mind - safety being paramount - renting a car can be a rather daunting process, but if you're an experienced driver and wish to travel around at your own leisure, then car rental in Pattaya is a great way to ensure you get to see everything during your stay in the city. One of the very best car rental companies in Pattaya is Budget Car Rental. Don't let the name fool you, we have personally been using this service for over two years and have never encountered one single problem. Budget offer all types of vehicles form small cars to large 12 seater minivans and 4x4s. The staff are well educated and attentive and if you have any issues with your rental vehicle they will be more than talk things through to see what can be done. They delivery the cars to your door and provide an excellent long term lease. One important thing to note about this company is that all of its vehicles are non-smoking, and there's a 3000 baht fine for a professional valet and cleaning to get rid of the smell. This rule, however, does mean that you get super clean, top-notch cars in pristine condition every time you rent from them. Smart car rental is another company that we at Farang Friendly highly recommend. A company who specialize in providing vehicles for corporate use, its cars are superbly maintained and both the company's long term and short term leases are great value for money. Smart Car can also deliver you chosen vehicle directly to your door or hotel, so you don't have to mess around getting there and back to sign documents and collect the car. Smart Car's felt is typically made up of 2-4 door cars. The insurance provided by the company is fully comp, and they have round the clock technical support should anything go wrong.

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