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My Girl Nuru & Body Massage

202/232 Moo 9-Pattaya Klang Off Soi Yu Mae, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150



Moo 9, Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


P P Body Massage - Pattaya 3rd Road

Moo 10 Chaloem Phrakiat Soi 23, 3rd Road, Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


Pretty Secret Massage & Spa

206/74 Moo 9, Pattaya Klang (Central Road), Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


Dream Teen Massage - Pattaya 3rd Road

64/116 Moo 10 Chaloem Phrakiat Soi 23, 3rd Road, Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


Silom Sauna - Pattaya Beach Road

Moo 9 Soi 3, Beach Road, Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


Blue House Massage By Men

20/176 Moo 10, Soi Day - Night, Pattaya Tai (South Road), Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


Dusita's Beauty Salon - Walking Street

Moo 10, Walking Street, Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Walking Street - Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


Body Club Massage - Boyz Town

Boyztown, Moo 10, 2nd Road, Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


Body Massage - Boyz Town

Boyztown, Moo 10, 2nd Road, Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


Seki Sauna

Unnamed Road, Bang Lamung, East Pattaya, Pattaya, 20260


Kims Of Pattaya - Soi 13/2, Beach Road

Moo 10 Soi 13/2, Beach Road, Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


Nataly Of Massage - Soi 6, Beach Road

Moo 10 Soi 6, Beach Road, Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


Super Girls

Moo 6, Pattaya Nua (North Road), Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150


X 69

Moo 6, Pattaya Nua (North Road), Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150

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Body Massage in Pattaya

Pattaya is a place known for its booming tourist industry and exhilarating nightlife. Many visitors come here to unwind, some chose to go wild, and others want to do both. Mixing the raunchy side of the city's nightlife with the luxury and service offered by first class spas, there are numerous great nuru body massages in Pattaya. We list all of the top body massage spots in Pattaya to take the hassle out of finding them yourself - and we recommend the best ones!

Nuru Massage Explained

A nuru massage is similar to a full body oil massage but instead of using oils, the masseur uses a non-sticky, fragrance-free product called Nuru Gel. The massage is performed naked and the lady will use her hands and breasts to slide up and down the body. Originally popularized in Japan, many high-end palours and mens health spas in Pattaya are now offering nuru massages for customers looking for that extra bit of pleasure. However if you'd prefer the traditional soapy experience you can still chose from a range of special aromatic oils and soak in a warm bath and bubbles whilst enjoying the stress relieving, stimulating health treatment.

Nuru Massage Parlour Facilities

High-end establishments have excellent onsite facilities comparable to first class spas. Expect immaculate rooms with large jaccuzis, showers, TV's and music, as well as all the products needed to enhance your experience. Places that offer nuru massages will also have special chairs or air mattresses on which to perform the sensual technique properly. You'll still find budget places are well appointed and have a great selection of girls, however they usually don't boast the same standard of facilities and in room amenities as the more expensive, classier establishments. Prices for drinks, food, and the use of facilities, vary depending on the image of the place, however the cost of the massage and services is generally similar. Each palour will have girls who charge more than others, and it's not always the most expensive establishments that have the best looking, or most talented. Wherever you chose to go, you'll be sure to get great value for money. Deciding where you like the most will probably come down to the girls, and the quality of service you receive.

Nuru Body Massage Experience

Upon arrival you'll be greeted and shown inside to bar. Here you'll able to choose from a selection of ladies who appear on a stage, or from behind a curtain in a glass room, all dressed in sexy outfits wearing numbered badges. You'll be invited to have a drink whilst you make your decision. Although some girls may look young, all those employed at massage palours are over 18. Your chosen hostess will come down from the stage and meet you with a warm smile and friendly conversation. You'll share some drinks together and chat with her friends in the bar before making your way to a private room for a nuru massage and hot bath or shower. After the massage your girl will help you get cleaned up and showered, and then take you back to the bar where you can continue drinking, eating or enjoying any of the other onsite facilites the place may have.

Massage Girl Call Out Service

If you'd rather have the company of the girls outside of the parlour, many places allow them to leave with you for a small charge known as a bar fine. Usually around 500-600 baht, the fee secures your time with them, whatever happens next is up to you. Be sure to negotiate prices for the lady's services and be open about what you would like to do. Most are happy to please customers, whether it is just as a drinking partner, tour guide, or for something much more exciting. Some places also offer call out services so you don't even have to leave your hotel room. One call to your favourite place and the manager will be happy to let you know which girls are available.

Choosing The Best Body Massage in Pattaya

With so many visitors traveling to Pattaya especially for it's wild nightlife, there are many well established massage palours that have great reputation for good service, and with such a wide range of places to enjoy a nuru body massage, it pays to shop around. You'll find establishments all over the city, with the most popular being around the main nightlife areas of Walking Street, Beach Road, North Road, Central and South Pattaya and Pattaya 2nd Road. All in all, Pattaya has a great selection of massage palours, and anyone interested in having a nuru body massage will find themselves spoilt for choice. To help you in the search for the ultimate experience, check out our recommendations on the best places to go for the best nuru body massage in Pattaya.

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steff - Friday 19th September

hi my girl friend would like to enjoy a nuru massage in same room performed by a girl thai or european and a guy european.where can we go?

Newyorker - Monday 30th June

Is it possible to get a Nuru-erotic massage off of a Russian Broad?? if so, where would I try, one of these places listed in Farang Friendly or like a freelancer?

Jomtien - Friday 27th June

One of the best massages I've ever had. have tried both My Girl and Blue House.

tim nice but dim - Monday 16th June

Hey Hans, A Nuru is basically a similar to the soapy massage in that the entire body is used to massage, though the girls use oil instead of soap suds. It harks back to old Japan I think, though the soapy is likely derived from the Nuru. Expect to pay a bit more for the pleasure.

hans - Sunday 15th June

I heard guys talking about Nuru Massage. Can somebody enlighten me, what is a Nuru Massage??

Mark Latimer - Saturday 9th November

By the looks of this list I quite clearly miss all the great places just by heading back to those I frequent? I think it's time for a change, I should start making better use of this directory!!

Bob Douglas - Thursday 5th September

A friend recommended Sabai Dee - worth a shot, perhaps.

Rubandtug - Thursday 5th September

Had a massage from My Girl the other day - great experience. Anyone other recommendations?

Scott S - Wednesday 3rd December

Nura, Tantra, Soapy and erotic are all a mind blower just make sure you secure your options before hand. its pricy but great in Pattaya. I'd recommend the oil - its well worth it as long as you are getting what you pay for. You can google any of these massages so you have a idea what they are.